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SourceMap by Agro Sourcing is a data driven web platform that captures the precise demographics of various agricultural activities and estimates the generation of agricultural produce and residue.

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A number of services are offered through the SourceMap platform. They include

Commodity Supply Services

Produce and Residue Sourcing: Agricultural Commodity retailers can source for commodities from our extensive list of growers. Companies that use semi processed agricultural residue can search on our platform to find listed produce and semi processed residues.

Research Services

Research Consultancy Services: Individuals, Organizations and Corporations who need to compile or access data to complete their agricultural research work will find SourceMap as a useful tool to serve their needs. Agro Sourcing Limited provides customised research consultancy services in the agricultural sector

Management Services

Out Grower Scheme Management: Commercial Farms, Agricultural Processing Companies and other bulk buyers who need produce which meet specific standards can be connected to validated growers in specific locations on our Platform to produce to their required standards and quantities while monitoring the whole process virtually. This service can be customized to fit the specific needs of your business.

Capture precise demographics of various agricultural activities and estimate the generation of agricultural produce and residue!

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