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Value Addition or Upcycling is one of the very effective ways in tackling the whole phenomenon of agricultural wastage. For this reason, Agro Sourcing Limited actively forges useful collaborations with researchers, Academic Institutions, Government and other Private sector players to build business models around generated agricultural waste.

Currently, we have a number of value-added products in various stages of development which are being formed from several agricultural by-products and residues. These include

  • Crude Potassium Carbonate from Cocoa Pod Husks
  • Compost from fruit and vegetable waste
  • Essential Oils from some plant residue

Agro Sourcing Limited will continue to form useful partnerships to research into and develop more value-added products from agricultural waste with the aim of protecting our physical environment and also creating economic opportunities of people dwelling in rural agricultural communities.

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Capture precise demographics of various agricultural activities and estimate the generation of agricultural produce and residue!

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